Adult Tennis Lessons

Adult Tennis Lessons Singapore (18 yrs & Above)

Beginners use only their hands to swing rackets. Intermediates players use their arms. Advance players use their entire body.  No matter which level you are at, you can find your match in Adult tennis lessons that Happy Ball offers:

BEGINNER – We will teach you to do it right from start.  Hitting the ball at the right time at the right contact; having the correct footwork; able to read the game more accurately….You will no longer play like an amateur after the beginner lessons.


INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCE Started to enjoy the game with a lot of passion? Yearning to pit your skills against other good players, or even entering into some tournaments? If yes, you are ready for intermediate/advance coaching. The course covers the varying use of pace and spins, the techniques in controlling distance and depth of shots, and the game plans that utilise your strengths and conceal your weaknesses.  You will learn how to hit your first serve with power and accuracy to gain an upper hand.  You will also learn some other advance skills, such as force errors off short balls, put away volleye, execute lobs successfully, drop shots, half volleys, overheads and good depth and spin on second serves. Armed with the advance skills, you will control and decide how the game is to be played.

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