Teens Tennis Lessons

Teens Tennis Lessons Singapore (12 – 17 yrs)

Unlike adult tennis, Teens tennis lessons are usually conducted at high energy level and require reasonable ball control. By engaging Teens in tennis games & drills, it keeps teens active & focus in learning.

Teens will learn to develop necessary skills and build character through the sport. Through the game, teens will learn discipline, cultivate right mind set and develop decision-making skills. These will raise their self-esteem, focus on goals, and always committed to high standards.

There are three levels in teens’ tennis lessons:


Learning the fundamental skills in a friendly competitive atmosphere.  Forehand, backhand, volley and serves will be taught, and teens will develop the skills in hand, racket, and ball awareness.  Instructors will use a fun games approach to keep teens active and excited.


At this level, the focus is on improving the skills, the stroke technique, strategy & the mental vigor. This will help prepare the Teens to ascend to the next level of play.


The advance training will enhance the players’ tactical & technical game and prepare them for tennis competition. The players will learn to set goals and work through the advanced aspects of tennis.  Their skills will be fine-tuned, their mental vigor will be strengthened, and they are ready for competition.

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