To start off playing tennis, many beginners have overlooked the basic skills of tennis – Tennis Grip.   Tennis grip is very important when playing tennis, adopting the incorrect tennis grip will cause the tennis ball to travel in an uncontrollable direction. Many tennis beginners started off playing tennis with the incorrect tennis grip due to many reasons: – lack of relevant guidance, grip method inappropriate to individual playing style, and by misleading tennis coaches.   For the tennis racket to hit the tennis ball with smooth, powerful force and precise accuracy, there are a lot of conditions to meet, but it all started with the tennis grip.  To achieve the goal of improving the level of competition, tennis player must master the correct tennis grip.

The tennis grip is the basics for all players who are playing tennis as beginners. The grip on the handle of the 8-polygonal will greatly affect every shot.  By using the correct tennis grip, it will determine the angle of the ball and the location of contact with the ball; it will also affect the footwork during playing.   The most difficult part is how to choose the correct tennis grip.   In fact, there is no perfect grip; each grip has its advantages and limitations. You need to adopt and change to different type of tennis grip at different situation when playing.