The basis for weight loss in sports therapy is to put body under aerobic exercise in a long time, then the main energy consumption is from fat. Persistent low-intensity aerobic exercise can consume excess fat. Long-term exercise with heart rate maintained at 100-124 times / minute is the best exercise method.

We often say tennis is played with feet. This means that in the tennis courts need to keep running, therefore, tennis is aerobic energy-based endurance exercise program, the consumption of energy materials is fat-based. This is very similar to jogging. According to statistics, the average amateur tennis enthusiasts in the two-hour exercise, the running distance is close to 5000 meters, and usually you will not feel too tired after one or two hours’ tennis exercise.

It shows that ordinary women’s fat content of 25% to 30% from Japan’s statistics, while women tennis player is only 15%. In this sense, tennis is running. But compared with the boring running, tennis is fun. Even once obsessed with addiction, it will be difficult to let go, it will accompany for life. For weight loss lovers. Must follow the principle of gradual and order, appropriate exercise with perseverance can be effective and healthy body shaping. To do this:

1) the field activity, control of exercise intensity and exercise.

2) maintain the appropriate practice time for each play.

3) determine the number of weekly fixed practice, and perseverance.

4) generally adhere to practice 1 to 2 months, the weight will be significantly reduced, but after that, the weight loss rate will slow down. At that time, you must continue to maintain practice, but also you can not increase the amount of exercise.

5) analyze and deal with some special circumstances during practice process.

In addition, tennis is often used in the muscles of the thigh quadriceps, psoas, abdominal muscles, back muscles, shoulders and wrist. After playing tennis, the muscles become more strong and healthy.