Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring for my tennis lessons?

For a proper tennis lesson, students are advice to bring their own tennis racquet.  The tennis coach will bring the tennis balls for the lessons.  In addition, a good tennis court shoes with sports attire should suffice.

Do the fees include court fees?

Price does not include court fees for public tennis courts.  If you have access to private tennis courts, the tennis coaches can head to your desired location to conduct the tennis lessons.  Students will have to book the tennis courts themselves.

When is the tennis lessons conducted?

Usually for private lessons, you get to choose your preferred date and time but subject to the tennis coaches’ availability.
For group lessons, the class schedule is constantly developing with our students. Please contact us for the time schedule.

Where is the tennis lessons conducted?

We conduct private tennis lessons all over Singapore Mainland.  Our tennis lessons can be conducted at condos or private tennis courts.  We also conduct private tennis lessons at public tennis courts which can be access readily.  There is not fix schedule for class so please contact us for the time schedule.

How do I register for tennis lesson with Happy Ball?

You can sign up through our website by clicking tennis lessons. You may also call us to register.

How do I contact Happy Ball for further enquires?

Please email your enquiries to [email protected], we will get in touch with you soon. Alternatively, you can also call us.

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