Kids Tennis Lessons

Kids Tennis Lessons Singapore (7 – 11 yrs)

Tennis is a sport that never goes out of season or style. It is not just a physical sport, but also a social sport which allows kids to interact socially and develop friendship.

Our Kids Tennis Lessons focus on creating fun and interest for kids to sustain their zeal.  Children will love playing tennis without feeling the pressure from either the coaches or the parents.

At Happy Ball, we have certified coaches for group and private lessons. Group lessons provide a social-friendly environment for kids to learn and develop with others together, but the lack of individual attention does not allow the kids to quickly develop their potentials. On the other hand, private tennis lessons, with full attention and special-tailored coaching, offers your kid an express pathway to build fundamentals, develop and refine their strokes and prepare for competitive play.  In addition, there are also many benefits of kids playing tennis and one of them is to help them improve their concentration and will power.

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