Advanced Tennis Lessons

Advanced Tennis Lessons Singapore

Not contended with being just a mediocre player? Feeling demoralised that you are made to run around the court at the mercy of your opponent? Enrol in Advance Tennis Lesson now to give you a much needed lift. This course covers the varying use of pace and spins, the techniques in controlling distance and depth of shots, and the game plans that utilise your strengths and conceal your weaknesses.  You will learn how to hit your first serve with power and accuracy to gain an upper hand.  You will also learn some other advance skills, such as force errors off short balls, put away volleye, execute lobs successfully, drop shots, half volleys, overheads and good depth and spin on second serves.  Armed with the advance skills, you can better control and decide how the game is to be played. What else can better raise your adrenaline than this?

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