Ladies Tennis Lessons

Ladies Tennis Lessons Singapore (18 yrs & Above)


Playing tennis is not a just social pastime. There are great benefits in tennis game waiting to be harnessed if you are under good supervision. It is more so for lady players because lessons need to be specially tailored to accommodate the ladies’ physique.

Looking for a local certified coach, Ladies? Regardless of your age and level (beginners to advanced), be it to keep fit, to tone the muscle or to boost mental well-being, Happy Ball can work with you achieve your goals.

Benefits to Play Tennis for Ladies

It is never too late for ladies to pick up tennis at any age as the human body system can be trained and conditioned at any stage in life.

Numerous studies have documented the psychological benefits of playing tennis for ladies. To name a few: greater emotional stability, improved confidence and assertiveness, more positive body image, reduced anxiety, less anger, fewer headaches, improved sexual satisfaction and lower levels of depression.

Regular tennis sessions help ladies to lose excessive amount of body fat, making them lean, strong and fit. Besides keeping their lipid profile in check, tennis game will also improve the bone mass and density, thus help preventing osteoporosis which women are more prone to.

Playing tennis is fun and great for the mind and the body. Ladies, let’s get started now to enjoy these benefits.

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