Beginners Tennis Lessons

Beginners Tennis Lessons Singapore


Discover tennis for the first time? Is it really true that tennis is the sport for a lifetime?  Are you looking for a certified coach to start playing tennis? Happy Ball can help you to set foot on the right course from beginning….


Benefits to Play Tennis for Beginners

There are many documented research studies on the benefits of taking up tennis game.

Sports, in whatever form, can provide excellent health benefits and facilitate mental and emotional growth.  However, no sports other than tennis have ever been acclaimed as one that can deliver great benefits, physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is an excellent exercise that enhances our overall health and fitness, and as a result, add years to your life. The constant movement and actions in tennis will burn calories, build muscles, increase bone strength, improve flexibility, fine-tune coordination and improve immune system, just to name a few.

Playing tennis helps you to develop a work ethic and discipline since you have to work on your skills in practice and control the pace of play. The mental and emotional stress of tennis will enhance your capacity in dealing with stress, and thus you will learn to accept responsibility, manage adversity and accommodate stress effectively due to the enhanced mental capacity.

You will also learn to plan and implement strategies, develop teamwork and social skills through interaction/communication before and after the games.

You will definitely have FUN because the healthy feelings of enjoyment, competitiveness and physical challenges are inherent in the sport.

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